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Rain and Septic Drain Fields – The True Effects

We receive calls all the time from folks who tell us their drain field is failing, because they have gotten a lot of rain, which must be the reason. I'd like to clear up some misconceptions and provide accurate information on the relationship between heavy rain and septic drain fields. Heavy amounts of rain only accentuate the problem (makes the failure more noticeable). When a system fails, it's usually not [...]

Top 3 Septic Maintenance Tips

It's Mark Reynolds here, with a little advice on taking care of your septic system. Here are my top three septic maintenance tips to keep your septic system working smoothly: If there's one thing you should do, it's to have your system pumped and inspected every two years. The second best thing you can do is add both a soil conditioner and bio-stimulant nutrient, which keeps your system's bacteria healthy [...]

Contacting Septic Drainer

Hey Folks, it's your Septic Drainer friends here. We want to give our customers many ways to contact us, so we can help assist you with all your septic repair needs! Here is some more information on contacting Septic Drainer. You may fill out this form to send us an email. You can also call us at 518-812-0000. Or, if you simply go to, we also have a live [...]

What Are Septic Drain Fields?

Not all septic drain fields are the same, but then again they are. Here are a few examples of the different design types: 1) The conventional type, consisting of a two-chambered septic tank, distribution box, stone, sand and perforated plastic piping. 2) The raised mount system type, consisting of a three-chambered septic tank; the third chamber being a pump chamber, a raised system built up on sand, distribution box, stone, [...]

Fall Septic Maintenance Reminder

With winter coming, it is a great time to think about your septic system's health and the fall septic maintenance tasks you may want to consider. We always recommend pumping your system every two years. Adding the proper additives is also very important; please understand you have the biological health and the drain field soil health to be concerned with. Remember, the EPA says 90% of septic failures happen in the [...]

Spring Septic Care Reminder

Hey folks, it's Mark Reynolds here with an important spring septic care reminder. It's time to have your septic tank pumped! Septic pumping provides a few essential services for your septic system: 1) It removes solids from your tank. 2) It enables an inspection opportunity to check your tank for structural failures, including being sure your baffles are intact. 3) It oxygenates the system. You should also consider a septic [...]

Septic Treatments – Know The Facts

Hey, folks! It's Mark Reynolds here to talk about septic treatments and their impact on your septic system's biological and soil health. Septic systems require biology and permeable soil to function. Adding harsh chemicals from septic treatments harms your system's biological health. For instance, someone using bleach in your toilet will destroy the active bacteria in the system. An oxygen-deficient system can cause aerobic bacteria to die. Adding too much [...]