Contacting the Folks at Septic Drainer

Hey Folks, it's your Septic Drainer friends here. We want to give our customers many ways to contact us, so we can help assist you with all your septic repair needs! You may fill out this form HERE to send us an email. We also have a phone number listed on the same page. If you simply go to we have a chat method that can be utilized any [...]

Septic Treatments: Winter Schedule

Hey folks, it's Mark Reynolds from Septic Drainer here, to talk about winter septic treatments. The internet at times is a great resource for information. It's like a 24/7 "how's it made show," and for us information junkies, it's pretty cool. Your septic system remains at an average temperature of 55 degrees year round. The temperature is dependent on the depth of the system, as well. In Alaska, the average [...]

Fall Septic Maintenance

With winter coming, it is a great time to think about your septic system's health. We always recommend pumping your system every two years. Adding the proper additives is very important; please understand you have the biological health and the drain field soil health to be concerned with. Remember the EPA says 90% of septic failures happen in the drain field, which usually is  as result of the soil failing. [...]

Water Softeners and Septic Systems

Hey, it's Mark Reynolds here, to talk about water softeners and the salt brine that discharges into your septic system. It's a little-known fact that salt can affect the performance of your septic system's drain field. When salt combines with the soil, especially in clay soil, it binds up, preventing liquid percolation. This condition is called hard pan soil. The average homeowner discharges 56 pounds of sodium in a septic [...]

Septic System Do’s and Dont’s

If you live in rural America, you've probably heard about septic systems. In addition here are some things you need to know: 1) The location of your system. 2) The type of system you have. 3) An understanding of how a system works. 4) Accurate maintenance records. Many folks have questions like: 1) How often should you pump your system? Every two years is a good rule of thumb. Every five [...]

Septic System Treatment: Avoid Disasters With Treatment

A failing septic system can be very annoying, because it can cause bad odors and a big mess. Fortunately, septic system treatment can help you avoid such problems. If septic problems have already occurred, prevent it from happening ever again. Order Septic Drainer for septic system treatment and then follow up with our annual maintenance program. If you do, you will avoid costly big problems down the road! There are [...]

How To Keep A Septic System Running For Years!

The purpose of drain fields is to remove impurities and contaminants from the liquid that emerges from septic tanks. Over time, your drain field area might not do its job properly, and special cleaning may be needed to break up the sodium and rejuvenate the soil absorption system. First, the technicians will pump the drain field to remove any excess saturation. Next, Bio-Septic Boost is added to increase the good [...]

Six Common Septic Drain Field Problems

With so many things that can cause septic drain field problems, and to avoid septic drain field repair, the best course of action when you suspect septic problems is to properly clean and maintain your drain field with Septic Drainer. Here are just a few septic drain field repair issues that could be disrupting your septic system: It's past due for pumping or septic drain field maintenance services. It [...]

Spring Drain Field Maintenance

On Friday, March 20 it will officially be spring! (Even though the weather may seem to still be that of a winter wonderland in some areas.) In spring we all enjoy an outdoor activity or two: going for walks, biking, hiking, prepping our gardens for planting beautiful flowers or delicious fruits and veggies, breaking out the patio furniture along with the outdoor grill and taking control of your outdoor oasis [...]

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