Septic Treatments Winter Time Schedule

Hey Folks here to talk about Septic Treatments. The worldwide web at times is a great resource for information, its like a 24/7 Hows it Made Show and for us information junkies its pretty cool. Your Septic System remains an average temperature of 55 degrees year round, the temperature is dependent on the depth of the system as well. In Alaska the average depth of a system is twenty feet [...]

Fall Septic Maintenance

With winter coming it is a great time to think about your septic systems's health. We always recommend pumping your system every two years, adding the property the proper additives is very important please under stand you have the biological health and the drain field soil health to be concerned with, Remember the EPA says 90% of septic failures happen in the drain field which usually is  as result of [...]

Septic System Do’s and Dont’s by Mark Reynolds

If you live in rural America you've heard about septic systems or at least I hope you have? A couple of things you need to know; 1) The location of your system  2) The type of system you have 3) An understanding of how a system works 4) Accurate maintenance records Many folks have questions like; 1) How often should you pump your system? Every Two Years is good rule [...]

Septic Drain Field Repair

By Mark Reynolds According to the US EPA 90% of septic failure happens in the septic's drain field, that's pretty interesting stats when you consider 99% of the products sold today do very little for the largest reason a septic system's drain field's fail, the reason is "hard pan soil conditions". Septic drain field failures started to increase after the Clean Air Act of the 1970's which reduced sulfur omissions, [...]

Septic System Treatment: Avoid Disasters with Treatment

A failing septic system can be very annoying because it can cause bad odors and a big mess. Fortunately, septic system treatment can help you avoid such problems. If septic problems have already occurred, prevent it from happening ever again. Order Septic Drainer for septic system treatment and then followup with our annual maintenance program. If you do, you will avoid costly big problems down the road! There are a [...]

How To Keep A Septic System Running For Years!

The purpose of drain fields is to remove impurities and contaminants from the liquid that emerges from septic tanks. Over time, your drain field area might not do its job properly, and special cleaning may be needed to break up the sodium and rejuvenate the soil absorption system. First, the technicians will pump the drain field to remove any excess saturation. Next Bio-Septic Boost is added to increase the good [...]

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