The affects of heavy rains on your septic drain fields

We receive calls all the time from folks who tell us their drain field is failing and tell us it's because they have gotten a lot of rain which must be the reason. Heavy amounts of rain only accentuate the problem (makes the failure more noticeable). When a system fails, it's usually not the tank or drainage piping, it's the soil that fails. You can correct your system's soil failure. [...]

Toilet Cleaners and Septic Systems

Hey Folks Mark Reynolds here with a little advice on wether to use self dispensing toilet cleaners or not. We live in a time where people want easy solutions to routine tasks. We do not recommend using any self dispensing cleaners because of the frequency of use because these cleaners have harsh chemicals that affects your system's biological health. Using toilet cleaners on an occasional basis gives your system's bacteria [...]

Septic Maintenance

Mark Reynolds here with a little advise on taking care of your septic system, if theres one thing you can do it's to have your system pumped and inspected every two years. The second best thing you can do is add both a soil conditioner and bio-stimulant nutrient which keeps your system's bacteria healthy and your septic drain field soil draining properly. The fourth thing you can do is hydro [...]

Septic Treatmemts

Hey Folks! Your Septic Drainer friends here to talk about septic treatments and their impact on your septic system's biological and soil health. Septic Systems require biology and permeable soil to function. Adding harsh chemicals harms your system's biological health. For instance, someone on chemotherapy or using bleach in your toilet will destroy the active bacteria in the system. An oxygen deficient system can cause Aerobic Bacteria to die. Adding [...]

Septic Treatments Winter Time

Hey Folks Your Friends at Septic Drainer here to talk about Septic Treatments. The worldwide web at times is a great resource for information, its like a 24/7 Hows it Made Show and for us information junkies its pretty cool. Your Septic System remains an average temperature of 55 degrees year round, the temperature is dependent on the depth of the system as well. In Alaska the average depth of [...]

Septic Repair

Hello, your friends at Septic Drainer here. Did you know according to the USEPA that 90% of septic failures are in the drain field, leach field or seepage pit. Did you know there are many types of septic system's drainage systems? If you visit our website we you will see many of these types of septic drainage system's illustrated for you to better understand what system you might have. [...]

Septic Systems and Hygiene Wipes

Every time someone comes up with a new hygiene product humans benefit but the enviroment suffers in one way or the other. In the case of septic systems hygiene wipes are causing issues that recently affected a system at a local apartment building I ' am aware of. The wipes collected inside the drain lines causing grease to build up behind them causing a backup. I was told the expense [...]

Contacting the Folks at Septic Drainer

Hey Folks, its you Septic Drainer friends here. We want to give our customers many ways to contact us, so we can help assist you with all your Septic Repair Needs! You may fill out this form HERE to send us an email. We also have a phone number listed on the same page. If you simply go to we have a chat method that can be utilized any [...]

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